14 Prompts

Practice Writing Prompts that Inspire

14 Prompts: Practical Prompts that Inspire

How do you find more inspi­ra­tion right now?

How do you dis­ci­pline your­self to write even when you’re busy?

What do you do about writer’s block?

14 Prompts solves prob­lems that plague every writer. Readers have said again and again that it’s a per­fect blend between inspir­ing art and prac­ti­cal advice. If you fol­low these prompts, one per day, in two weeks you will be a bet­ter, more inspired writer.

$2.99 for prac­ti­cal inspiration

This includes:

  • A 62-page eBook that will inspire you.
  • 14 unique exer­cises that will get you moving
  • Discussion ques­tions to use with your writ­ing group
  • Lots of tips on how to be more cre­ative, be more pro­duc­tive, defeat writer’s block, and more.

This eBook is meant to inspire you, teach you, and then set you loose to write some­thing remarkable.

The writ­ing prompts and chap­ters are based off the best of The Write Practice, edited, expanded, and framed by a never-before-seen intro­duc­tion and conclusion.

Most col­lec­tions of writ­ing prompts have hun­dreds or even thou­sands of prompts. Why does this book only have four­teen? This book isn’t meant to be a ran­dom list of ideas to begin your novel, it’s meant to inspire you to a whole new way of see­ing your writ­ing and even your life.

And it’s only $2.99.