14 Prompts

Practice Writing Prompts that Inspire

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14 Prompts is a short eBook full of fourteen unusual writing prompts designed to both inspire you to write and teach you a few practical techniques to improve your writing.

Memoirist Diana Trautwein says, “14 Prompts is real, it is beautifully written, it is full of inviting and thoughtful ideas about the craft of writing and the life of a writer.”

Author Andrea Cumbo says, “This book balances inspiration and pragmatism in perfect proportion.”

And author Audrey Chin says, “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the new directions my own writing’s been led to since using the prompts.”

Practice With the Community

14 Prompts is designed to be done in community. To post your writing and give feedback to other writers, use the links below along with the corresponding chapters in 14 Prompts.

  1. Out of Place
  2. Five Ways to Quit Being a Bi-Polar Writer
  3. Have You Found Your Voice?
  4. Six Elements of a Balanced Story
  5. Writer’s Block: How You Got It And How to Get Unblocked
  6. You Must Remember Every Scar
  7. Hemingway’s Brush Strokes
  8. Be Still
  9. Birds
  10. How To Be Creative When You’re Busy
  11. The Soldier and the Most Vulnerable Man In the World
  12. Write For Your City
  13. Fall
  14. The Myth of Perfection

I hope you enjoy the book!