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You Must Remember Every Scar

“The only require­ment,” to be a writer, said Stephen King, “is the abil­ity to remem­ber every scar.”

I have a few scars (and you do, too). There’s that girl in the eighth grade, my father’s ill­ness in the sev­enth, and there was that boy ear­lier than that who told me to shut up every time I spoke to him.

When did I learn to fear my voice?

The true writer enters into wounds. Sometimes she enters into her own, often into the wounds of oth­ers, and occa­sion­ally even into the wounds of peo­ple she makes up.

The writer enters into wounds because she knows when she con­fronts the wound, she will dis­cover the secret of life (wounds turn to beau­ti­ful scars).

What wound do you need to confront?

Tell the story of one of your scars.

Here’s fif­teen min­utes.

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