14 Prompts

Practice Writing Prompts that Inspire

14 Prompts: Writing Prompts for Surprising Creativity

Most books of writing prompts are often just lists of hundreds or even thousands of ideas, first sentences, or even just one or two random words. Those can be helpful, but they can also leave you feeling empty, thinking, “What am I supposed to actually do with these?”

14 Prompts: Writing Prompts for Surprising Creativity is different.

It starts with the question, how do you find more inspi­ra­tion and creativity right now? How do you dis­ci­pline your­self to write even when you’re busy? How do you learn to see the world like a writer even when you feel more like an amateur hack.

As a busy father of three, I have a hard time finding time to write and feeling creative. This book is a reminder to myself, and writers everywhere, to open my eyes, be present, and remember every moment can be a source of fresh inspiration for my writing.

14 Prompts solves prob­lems that plague every writer. Readers have said again and again that it’s a per­fect blend between inspir­ing art and prac­ti­cal advice. If you fol­low these prompts, one per day, in two weeks you will be a bet­ter, more inspired writer.

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In the book, you’ll find

  • 62 pages of inspiration.
  • 14 unique writing exer­cises that will get you writing
  • Discussion ques­tions to use with your writ­ing group
  • Writing tips that will make you more cre­ative, more pro­duc­tive, and help you defeat writer’s block

This eBook is meant to inspire you, teach you, and then set you loose to write some­thing remarkable.

The writ­ing prompts and chap­ters are based off the best of The Write Practice, edited, expanded, and framed by a never-before-seen intro­duc­tion and conclusion.

About the Author

Joe Bunting is an author and the founder of The Write Practice, where he leads a community of creative writers and teaches courses on how to write books and get them published. He lives in Atlanta.

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